Antipolitika - anarchist journal from the balkans - june 2019/issue 2/YUGOSLAVIA

Yugoslavia: a State or a Revolutionary Community?

Will Firth: Language and Politics in Ex-Yugoslavia

CrimethInc: WR: Mysteries of the Organism – Beyond the Liberation of Desire

On the terrain of capital: Labour and gender regimes in Yugoslavia

Marijana Stojčić: Proletarians of the world – who washes your socks?
From female Partisans to Comrade Woman. The Feminist Movement in
Yugoslavia 1978-1989

Lila: Yugoslav workers’ self-management – Emancipation of workers or
capitalist division of labor?

Guillaume Lenormant: Paul Zorkine (Pavle Vrbica)

Paul Zorkine: The myth of workers councils under Tito

Fredy Perlman: Birth of a Revolutionary Movement in Yugoslavia

Black & Red correspondents: Down with the Red Bourgeoisie of Yugoslavia
– An Analysis of the June Students’ Insurrection in Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Jelka Kljajić-Imširović: Dissidents and prison

Lorraine Perlman: Three Years in Yugoslavia

Juraj Katalenac: Praxis: an attempt at ruthless criticism

Our baba doesn’t say fairy tales: How [not] to do a critique:
Demystifying the anti-imperialist narrative of the collapse of Yugoslavia

Ferdi: “Nisu to bajke nego istina” – A critical appraisal of Roma politics
in SFRY’s ‘golden era’

Damjan Pavlica: Contemporary History of Kosovo

Vlado Kristl: On going to the Partisans

Nina Simonović: Against Every Yugoslavia – On the ideology of the
transition from capitalism to capitalism, through capitalism

Laslo Sekelj: Antisemitism in SFRY

Mladen Stilinović, an anarchist

Branko Ćopić: A Heretical Tale

Slavko Bogdanović: Poem Underground the Tribune of youth Novi Sad

Marko Paunović: Between Politics and Poetics